Contains 5 Decks of "Break the Ice" Playing Cards.


Each deck of cards contains 52 unique cards that include: 

  • 52 unique discussion questions 
  • 52 unique challenges that range in type, difficulty, and weirdness
  • In the center of each card there is a symbol, color, and number (4 different for each). Use these to organize teams, break out into groups, or have them find partner.
  • In one corner there are symbols for: Rock, Paper, Scissors. Use these to choose who goes first, gets to choose, or jsut play "rock, paper, scissors".
  • In another corner there is an emoji (15 different in deck).  One way to use these is have students share what makes them feel this way.
  • A full deck of traditional playing cards (not including jokers).


*plus 2 info cards with information on what's on the card and ways to use them.


Mix these features together to create more unique ice breaker experiences and games for your group!

5 Pack of Break the Ice Playing Cards

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