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Rev. Derek Parson


I have had the joy of serving in the crazy and amazing world of youth ministry for over 20 years. I have pastored in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and I am currently serving in Ohio  I have a Bachelor's degree in youth ministry from MVNU and a Master's degree in Youth and Young Adult ministries from Messiah College. I am also an author for, and founder of 

I am married to the love of my life, Aubree, and we have two awesome sons: Waverly (6), and Wren (4).  I am a self proclaimed Star Wars Geek, hope to visit all of the National Parks in the US, and I Iove discussing life and theology over a good cup of coffee.



Here is an example of a leadership handbook I created that shows programming structure, and intentionality with our leaders:

Volunteer Training

Training video I created

for Youth Ministry University



Some videos I have created.

Teaching Series

Examples of some teaching series I have created/written over the years.


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Some writing examples:

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Where youth ministry ideas are shared.

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